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Classical Guitar School

Eythor Thorlaksson

Eythor Thorlaksson

Eythor Thorlaksson was born 1930 and started young playing musical instruments. In the years 1950 - 1952 he studied guitar in England, Denmark and Sweden and in 1953 in Madrid with Daniel Fortea and Quintin Esquembre. In the years 1954 - 1957 he studied harmony and counterpoint with Dr. Urbancic and in 1958 - 1961 he completed his guitar studies with Graciano Tarragó in Barcelona. Since then he has been the principal guitar teacher at The Music School in Hafnarfjordur and has arranged and written a lot of tutorial material for the classical guitar, he is now retired but continues to arrange and compose for the guitar.

Eythor and Tarrago

Graciano Tarragó with Eythor Thorlaksson